What is an affiliate program and why should you join ours?

An affiliate program is a referral system where anyone can share a customised link to our products and earn a commission for each successful sale.

Joining our affiliate program means you can earn money by referring clients that are in need of our services, and earn an income for each client you refer. Its as easy as signing up to our affiliate program, getting your customized referral link, and sharing that link with anyone who you think would be interested in our services. Whenever a person buys, you can get a 10% commission.

How much can I earn?

Our referral commissions are fixed at 10%, so you will earn 10% of the total value of the product your referral chooses. Since our products start at R 1 500 and range up to R 11 999, you can earn anything from R 150 to R 1 150 per sale.

What do I need to be an affiliate?

All you need is a working e-mail address, a paypal account, and an idea of where you will share your link. You can get referrals anywhere, through whatsapp, email, or on social media.

How and when do I get paid?

We currently only support paypal payments, so you have to have a paypal address to become an affiliate. You will receive your payment 30 days after the sale is finalized.

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