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Get qualified leads! We'll help you find eager customers who are ready to pay for your product or service.

PPC Campaigns

Leverage your marketing budget to reach well researched audiences and pay only for results. Pay per click or by impressions.

SEO & Content Marketing

Customers react best to finding exactly what they are looking for. Give them useful, keyword rich content and build loyalty.

GOOGLE Adwords

Google Adwords are the most trusted and most reliable traffic source for the majority of businesses out there.

Get results in 48 hours!

Lead Generation

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Get qualified leads that are ready to purchase

The bottom line for any business is customers. How quickly and affordably can you find new clients? Our lead generation system gets you eager clients in less than 48 hours. Get a free assessment now!

Leads are sent straight to a console you can access. You can then choose how you want to convert the client, through an automated e-mail, phone call, or targeted adverts. Make sales tomorrow!

You get instant qualified leads you can close

You determine the value and cost of a lead

You determine how many leads you need

Social Media Marketing done right!

Build your community with PPC Adverts – Brand Awareness

Screen Shot: Over 300% growth in around 9 months for a previous client. By combining content marketing and video production with a diligent PPC Advertising Campaign, we grew the Facebook page from sub 2K likes to over 6K likes and more than 200k video views. Build your social media communities and enjoy engaged and continuous interaction with your target audience.

PPC Advertising

Numbers don't lie! There is no doubt the internet is surpassing every other communication medium. While disrupting TV and radio, it has also upset the marketing industry. Pay-per-click advertising lets every single business afford social media marketing. You can reach thousands of potential customers and only pay for the ones who click on your ads. We use expert targeting and professional ad creation to achieve maximum impact for your social media marketing efforts.

SEO & Content Marketing

While lead generation and social media marketing is perfect for instant results, it costs money to constantly run campaigns. Investing in SEO (Search engine optimization) means creating useful content that you can provide to your audience consistently. Over time your site begins to generate "free" organic traffic. This can be likened to aging wine, as with time it becomes more valuable. Creating the right keyword rich SEO content is our field of specialty, developing audiences, and embedding your brand in the traffic that is your niche.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the perfect solution to get direct clicks to your website. Connect with consumers searching specifically for the products and services you offer. AdWords allows for tailored targeting that suits your business. AdWords allows you to target customers in specific areas so that your ads are only shown to customers that have the potential to convert. With flexibility when it comes to your Ad spend and precise targeting, what more do you want out of an ad?

Pricing Table


Weekly Report

Monthly Report

Keyword/Audience Research

Campaign Tweaks

Support and Presentation

Advert Copy

Single Campaign/Report

R 1999 once off.

Single platform campaign with up to 2 adsets and 10 keywords/ 2 audiences.


R 5499 monthly

Single Platform Campaign. Up to 10 campaigns per month. 20 Audiences, 100 Keywords


R 14 999 monthly

Dedicated Account hours (4 per month ). Unlimited Campaigns, audiences

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Choose a service
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